Starting to look a bit like…

I’m not really much of a holiday person, and I’m a bit of a hypocrite for posting this so early, but here it is anyways, and likely the only Christmas post you’ll get out of me, unless something really catches my eye (Or I cave and do these hunts I’m eyeing).

When  I do decorate for Christmas I tend to go the subtle route. I don’t get into the extravagance of the season like some people do. My stepmother for instance has a “Santa Village” that she’ll put up each year, and of course each year it gets a little bigger. The last time she had it set up it covered two large folding tables, the tops of three bookcases and a bit of a spill over. But that’s not really me, and that’s one of the reasons these bric-a-brac Christmas furnishings from What Next really caught my eye.

Combine that with the offerings from Prime for the Home For Christmas Sale Event, The Home for Chistmas Hunt, The Peace on Earth Hunt, and the Candy Chain Hunt(Details in credits), which are awesome be sure to stop there if nowhere else, and I knew that I had to put together a Christmas look for my place, even so it took a little struggling and I haven’t gone so far as to make an appropriate avatar yet. Though that may happen.


There’s actually a story to these little Elves, they’re called Nisse Dolls. The story goes that these Nisse, also called gord-borde, tunkall or tuss, are invisible powers, sort of like very minor gods, like brownies or pixies in other countries. While they started off as something to be feared, farmer’s in some parts of the country came to believe that they controlled nature and thus the farmer’s welfare and fortune. Other beliefs about them include that they were a type of gnome that loved animal’s and lived in the farmer’s barn. They would provide luck and protection around the farm but if not well fed, especially around Christmas, though the Nisse would cause trouble and move to a different farm. So having a doll like this, a representation of the Nisse in your house is supposed to help protect you/bring you good luck.

I love this little Marzipan Pig it’s just far too cute to ever eat, If I had one of these in my first life I’d have to find a way to preserve it.

This whole trend of using coffee/tea cups as decorations is clever and cute, it needs to never end.

Despite being a grinch, I’m a sucker for tiny christmas trees, Charlie Brown anyone?”

Utterly in love with that table by the way, I’m going to use it forever.
Credits after the jump since there are quite a few of them.

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