Wretched Memories

I never take pictures. I’m not sure why. It just never occurs to me. I know some people use them as an aid for memory but for the most part when I look at pictures that were taken of me or somewhere I’d been when I was very young I just draw a complete blank, I might as well be looking at a stranger.

I feel that way on Second Life quite a bit of the time as well, I’ll be glancing over my friends list or someone will message me out of the blue and most of these names spark no connection. They mean nothing so I give them generalities, greetings, kindness, but no invitations of intimacy.

It worries me sometimes, this singular ability I have to forget any and everything, my ability to let things make no mark on my mind, mostly unintentionally. I could be being lied to about anything before the age of 13 or so and I’d have no idea so long as they were convincing. Even past that age small details, specific events, are just gone.

Locations hold no recollection value for me either, I could step into a house that I’d lived in for most of my life,and it would stir nothing new within me, nothing that I could not recall outside its walls.

The only occasional exception to this is occasionally, and only very occasionally certain objects will have strong meaning to me, I’ll pick up a book, or a necklace and suddenly I’ll remember its providence. Though this usually does not extend to circumstances involving the item.

All photos were taken on the Sim Wretched Hollow “a dark, whimsical sim inspired by [a] love of Gothic and Neo Victorian things.”


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