Eventually I’ll write more again. Just now I’m not feeling up to it. I’ll included the next snippet of my Nanowrimo story after the jump though. As compensation I suppose just remember it’s very rough.

Shape: (custom)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx Siren
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Christy
Dress: Valentine E Couture – Long Summer Dress (Fameshed Freebie)
Jacket: Valentine E Couture – Cadet Jacket
Gloves: Plastik – Lipstick Muse
Pasties: PLastik – Bandaids
Stockings: – Erratic – Ripped Stockings
Shoes: Volstead – Charleston Slipper
Bangles – Izzie’s Wood Bangles
Blindfold: #Ziau# See No Evil(Group Gift)

Shape: Custom
Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Siren
BlindFold: #Ziau# See no Evil (Group Gift)
Hair: Alice Project – Ruby
Shirt: Sn@tch – Relaxed Sweater
Bottoms: Sn@tch Rive Skinny Jeans
Socks: Erratic – Ripped Stockings
Shoes: Ducknipple – Harry
Bracelets: Blitzed – Legacy

When one of us was hurt, we all knew, we shared joy, sorrow, defeat, victory, all of those old clichés, not quite a psychic link but something similar. We spent most of our lives together, we hunted together (obviously). This was the first time I’d ever lost someone so close to me and it hurt, it was like someone had torn out a chunk of my flesh. But it didn’t hurt in a bright sharp or immediate way, this was a dull, aching, throb, almost muted, it seemed unreal, like this wasn’t happening, it was all some big joke, some game. I’d throw open a door and there he’d be, laughing at how I fell for his little prank. The link was dusty though I suppose or maybe I didn’t want to believe what it was telling me, I had a nagging feeling that something was wrong but I couldn’t have known that it was this world shattering. I got a call actually, that’s how I found out, I wasn’t even concerned enough to try to call him, not that he would have picked up…I got a call from his fiancé, she told me that he was gone, that she’d come home to find him dead, she was hysterical, I couldn’t get the details, I didn’t believe her, I thought she must be acting. I lived with my sister then, we’d stuck together even after our pack had started to dissolve, so I grabbed her and we jumped in my car and headed over there to see what was what for ourselves, getting on the phone to the rest of what used to be our pack on the way telling them to meet me at his place, that something was up. I still didn’t expect what I found when I got there. Even though that feeling that had been nagging at me all day kept growing as I drove, I don’t think that anything could have prepared me for it.


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