Movies are collective dreams, waking sleep shared with those around you.

The best take you into a tiny fragment of a life, pulling you into the realities playing themselves out on the screen. Make you part of the story, an invisible spectator privy to their every secret moment.

What is it about this experience that keeps us buying into this experience? Keeps us shelling out for the overpriced treats and drinks? Keeps us coming back as the prices continue to climb, buying into the gimmicks watching movies in three dimensions we’ve already seen in two?

Why for some is the big screen so preferable to the small? Is it the sharing of the dream? Or the being surrounded by it, encompassed by sound.

Eyes fixed on the screen as the rest of the world and all its concerns disappear for two hours allowing us to take on someone else’s.

To watch them fix everything, tie up their worlds with neat little bows and live the storybook ending. Giving us the hope that one day we may be able to do the same.


Shape: Custom
Skin: .ploom. – Harlowe_Cream – DB – Tragedy Red
Eyes: House of Ruin – Mixed Tonic XXX: Dusk
Hair: Alice Project – Ruby – Infinity
Shirt: Zaara – Ashima Blouse
Shorts: [Decoy] – Caleigh Shorts
Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Blossom Wedge Sandals
Necklace1: [Virtual Insanity] – Heavy Cross Necklace
Necklace2: [Virtual Isanity] – .runwithscissors. necklace
Tattoo: [Miseria] – Cry – Blood Tears
Nails: [Virtual Insanity] – OH MY GOTH! Nails

Black and White
Shape: Custom
Skin: Lenolo – Nova
Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts – Zombie White
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Zoey
Shirt: Kamouraska – Yamaska Blouse
Pants: Zaara – Kavya Summer Pants
Socks: Erratic – Fishnet Thin
Shoes: Volstead – Charleston Slippers
Accessories: Fennux Grabber (Cinema Exclusive), Virtual Insanity – Stylish Nails, Me. Pearl Time Bracelet, Me. Pearl time Long Necklace

(Almost everything here is purchasable at the Cinema Event and the pictures were taken at that location)


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