I wear a hundred different faces though not one reflects the whole truth of me. All show a part, a fragment of a person, of who I am. All show a small glimpse of a reflection as if in a shattered mirror.

Some of the faces I wear have many similarities, others fly farther from the mark.

But all of them display some piece of the truth of me no matter how small.

In this world where we can choose to be anyone or anything what do our choices say about us? What do mine say about me? Choosing to be humanoid, to (mostly) be attractive. Does it speak to my vanity that my avatars are almost all within some standard of beauty.

Could it be because we are judged even more fiercely here as we are out there, where we can only control a fraction of our appearance.

No one can choose the face they were born with, though they certainly can buy a new one later on given enough money. But here in SL, where no one has to be short or fat or ugly, where any flaw can be corrected with a few sliders or the click of a button,  what you look like matters just as much as who you are.

It’s amazing considering the  freedom and the possibilities of this digital reality that so much time, effort, and money is put into mimicking the mundane. What does that say about those of us who buy into this fantasy of Normalcy?

Outfits in order of first Appearance:

Shape: Custom
Skin: Illusory Skin – Love Milk – Smoked
Eyes: Needful Things – eyez 20
Hair: Ploom – Kelsey – Indecisive
Brows: The Attic Trimmed Brows Black
Shirt: Razor Blade Jacket – Girl Ripped Tank – Flip Off Tank
Pants: Luck Inc. – Tyra Jeans Washed Black Striped
Shoes: DuckNipple – Sheena
Bracelets: Blitzed – Legacy Cuffs
Piercing: #Ziau# – Chasity


Skin:  Illusory – Milk Love
Hair: Magika – Calm
Eyes: Needful Things – Eyez 20
Shirt:  NSD – Fuel  for Life – Mens
Pants:  Atomic – Journey Jeans – Lowcut
Belt: Messer co – Kurki’s
Bracelet: Blitzed – Legacy Cuffs
Collar: Sn@tch – Steal This Collar
Piercings: Skinpop – Psycho
Tattoos: Para Designs – Punked


Shape: Custom
Skin: Not Button’s Skins – Eleonora – The Macabre Hunt(1)
Eyes: Rotten Toe – Wolfen Eyes Yellow
Hair: Soap Fury – Black/Red, Raw house: Razored hairbase
Shirt and Pants: Sn@tch – Tough Cookie
Shoes: Tonktastic – Resistance Boots


Shape: Custom
Skin: Ploom – Harlowe Cream Tragedy Red
Eyes: Plastik – Vael Collection – Eyes – Sadness
Hair: Magika – Group Gift
Wings: *Epic* – Chained Mini Demon Sparkle Wings (Gacha)
Horns: #Ziau# – Infernal Majesty
Tail: Susu’s Succubus Tail (Marketplace)
Shirt: Auxillary – Cropped Couple Zombified
Pants: Atomic – Journey Jeans Ripped Low
Shoes: Abomb – Sneakers
Bandaids: Plastik – Bandaid
Collar: Virtual Insanity – Heavy Cross Choker – Girl
Piercings: #Ziau# – Devout, #Ziau# Chasity, .Ivy – Balls customized.


Shape: Custom
Skin: Glam Affair – Roza 05 (Arcade Gacha)
Eyes: Plastik – Bloodless
Hair: Lamb – Lost obsidian
Brows: The Attic – Trimmed Brows (Marketplace)
Jacket: Deco – Mesh Peace Maker Duster
Pants Deco – Mesh Her Cargo Pants
Shoes: Tonktastic – Short Combat Boots
Collar: Sn@tch – Steal This Padlocked Collar (Steal This Outfit)
Tattoos: #Ziau# – Tribe Warpaint, #Ziau# – Chasity Splatter
Piercings #Ziau# – Chasity, Deco – Mannequin Earrings


Shape: Custom
Skin: Illusory – Milk Love
Eyes: Coca & Wolf – Photoelectric eyes – Clan
Hair: DK – Neopunk
Wings: Xeno – Wings
Shirt: Razorblade Jacket – Duel Half Tank
Pants and Shoes: Xeno – Digi Camo Pants
Mask: Xeno – Gas Mask
Tattoo: ilogic – SEM Tattoo, Para Designs Punked
Piercings: Aitui – Mesh Stretched Ear Solid Plug, Custom


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